Player character flying around when airborne


My code:

As of posting, the first section looks like this:

id: "pivot_playable",
editor_info: { category: "player" },
solid_dimensions: ["player","common","boss"],
vehicle: false,
hitpoints: 6,
mass: 5,
is_human: true,
friction: 2750,
traction_in_air: 10,
traction_in_water: 1000,
feet_width: 6,

Now, I can’t figure out why, but when I apply a left or right force in the air, my character flies around. (As in, moves extremely fast to the left or right) Changing the traction in air and water don’t do anything, and changing the level’s air resistance is not the answer either.

I will also be showing this on the IRC. When I get an answer, I will make sure to post it here, too.


For the record, the answer to this is that the velocity applied to the player has to decrease when airborne; the traction/friction settings don’t effect when the object isn’t on the ground, at least as far as I can tell.