NPC Awareness Thread


It always impresses me in a game when an NPC reacts to something that I didn’t expect them to care about. I’m not a programmer, but to me this looks like a simple way to make the world feel alive and give the player a “Whoa, cool” moment. So I’d like to get a list going of little things Frogatto can do to elicit a reaction from stationary NPC’s.

For example, I think this guy should get mad if you move his boxes around. He should say something like “Hey! Don’t mess with those! I had to climb my stove and stand on my table to get those up there!”


I also noticed that Berd usually calls out to you when he shows up, but you’re rarely forced to talk to him. Every time I replay the game, I always just run past him. I think the game should remember whether you talked to him and make him get more and more exasperated the more he is ignored. A sample progression:

“Hey, wait!”
“Seriously, I just want to talk to…”
“I’m not such a bad guy!”
“I’m just trying to help!”
“I’m an important part of your journey!”
“Yeah, yeah, keep walking.”


Marcavis and I were talking about the potential for enabling the game to notice juggling (spitting something into the air and swallowing it again before it hits the ground).

If you do it in front of the elder, he should give you a coin. And if you do it in front of Pato, he should say “I’m glad you learned how to juggle. Now get a real job.”


lol nice