Note regarding fonts


The three fonts we’re officially supporting, for now, are:
dialog_font.png – used in dialogues, and for level titles.
label_font.png – used only in buttons and menus
outline_font.png – now used for text labels on game screens, which was a change made just tonight

This new outline font looks more readable in varying situations in game, so I’m going to transition to using it for a lot of stuff. The label font is much more compact, and has no readability issues on buttons, so we’ll probably stick with it permanently, for buttons. This new font doesn’t have cyrillic characters, yet, nor does it have some of the basic english punctuation or numbers done. Help is welcomed, of course; it’s best if we synchronize it over irc, and likewise if you always check svn trunk before doing any work on your own. I expect this will get finished in the very near future.

The old label_font_outline.png has been removed (so that no one will accidentally put work into it), and donated as public domain to opengameart:


For outline_font.png I’ve provided one case of cyrillic letters, although due to personal unfamiliarity with the script, I don’t know quite how correct certain nuances are/aren’t.

Numbers and punctuation are now there as well. Internationalized diacriticals aren’t, although I’ve padded the font so we now have room for them.


pH5 just added most of the missing roman/latin chars with accents. Thanks! :smiley: