Need some Objects for Dungeon Gotto


I’m Currently working on Dungeon Gotto as a module and I need some objects that I am too unskilled to program myself. What I need is a Decor/Prop Object and a controller that when you pass near it it changes the music for the level. If someone could program these that would be great! Your name would be in the Dungeon Gotto credits.


This is a pretty easy object to make. If you’d like, I could show you step-by-step how to program it. :slight_smile:


I Figured out how to make the music for the levels different. (Edit the .cfg of the level) I think I’ll Just dupe the code for a pot or something and change the image. However every time Ive tried to make and object. It shows up in the editor and then crashes when I hover over it or just click on “add objects”. I think I can make the object myself but thank you anyway.


Ok. You might be interested in level_controller_onetime, which has an event that’s fired once when Frogatto is near in which you could put a music() function.