Need help with testing translation in-game


I am trying to test my translation in-game, but the strings don’t update when I put a new in LC_MESSAGES and restart the game. What do I need to do?

I’m on Windows 7.


Well, that’s odd; it’s working for me:

The above is a screenshot from your most recent work on the translation.
(And the .mo file I’ve just compiled from that is at )

I’m not running Windows, so I can’t tell exactly where the your locale/gd/LC_MESSAGES/ file is supposed to go; have you tried deleting your current to see if that changes anything? Over time, we’ve changed around the file paths Frogatto uses, so the game might be expecting your compiled translation catalog to be somewhere else.
Other than that, no idea, sorry.


Yep, that was it, there are two LC_MESSAGES folder. The correct one is [tt]C:\Program Files (x86)\Frogatto\modules\frogatto\locale\gd\LC_MESSAGES[/tt]