Music Request Thread - Forest Update


As noted on IRC, the new proposed missile boss for the forest area could use a more aggressive piece of music for it. There is a nice atmospheric build-up to it and the current boss theme used for it is plain too mellow to set the mood into mistake-inducing direness for a tricky dodging based boss battle.

The effect and notion I’m leaning towards here would be to capture the adrenaline pumping effects of for example pieces of boss music by Uematsu in FF6 and FF7 (and in a lot of bullet hell types of games too).


Unstated knowledge: DDR started working on a bullet-hell boss. It might used for the forest, or the caves, or whatever; it’s up in the air. I don’t know what we’re gonna do for the actual physical representation of it, but it’ll probably be some kind of evil plant, and the shots are your typical touhou/cave/danmaku type stuff, in a crazy pattern you have to avoid.

Related to this, I’ve also started work on a giant moth boss a few months ago now; I haven’t had time to revisit it.

Generally speaking, we could use a couple aggressive boss tunes that aren’t specifically tuned for some theme, but are just generic things we could reasonably reuse in different situations.


Can’t wait to see how the bullet battle is shaping up!

Should I tackle this again I would probably go for a more upbeat Dodonpachi arcade-boss theme. It would definitely fit in with the whole ‘bullet hell’ deal.

That being said…

I’ve created a different battle theme for many different sequences and tbh it’s probably not going to get too much more convoluted; don’t want to water the soundtrack down with too much boss battle fare. There’s enough work in shaping up the rest of the soundtrack. For instance, I need to focus more on sfx and ambient themes atm. There’s a lot of other work to be done but if I can get moving on that and get a majority of it done I’d be happy to wheel some other stuff out of the creative cupboard :smiley:


Okay, here’s where we’re coming from; right now, you basically have us finished for all the music we’ll need on the stages/levels themselves in the coming forest release - the general background music during the regular levels. Which is awesome. I don’t know what we’re gonna do about bosses, but I’ll tell you what’s going on and you can help plan this:

What it looks like at the moment is, we’re adding at least 3 boss battles in the next update:

  • [minor] the “bullet hell” boss; we really don’t know what it’s going to be, creaturewise, DDR’s just working on the attack patterns at the moment.
  • [minor] the moth boss, which tries to blow you off the top of a rock column using gusts of air.
  • [minor] (some unplanned third boss)
  • [major] the mushroom boss, which you’ve made a (great) theme for.

Our problem is, right now, “neoboss.ogg” is getting stretched a little thin; right now it’s being used for:

  • the airplane kitty
  • the crevice village entrance cave ambush by the kitties
  • the sword-kitty
  • the milgram-slab in the dungeon
  • the kitty-robot in the dungeon
  • { and then it’d be used for those 3 minor forest fights }
  • { etc }
  • { etc }

The only unused boss-fight song is the robot-boss song, and I’d like to save that and the accompanying stage theme for an actual “factory”-style dungeon that’s not gonna happen in this release. The music does need to change when these fights start (it’s how all traditional games like this do things, and I don’t want to deviate), so we’re either reusing “neoboss.ogg”, or I’m gonna re-use some “stage theme” that’s more upbeat. As it is, I think we’re using neoboss.ogg too much - it’s a nice, tight song, but I’d actually like to use something else even on some of the battles it’s already on.

What we do here is up to you - if you want to just focus on the sfx stuff, that’s very useful and that needs to get done. At some point, though, it would be nice to have a couple more short boss themes - tight little 20-40-second things. There’s no rush - this release isn’t gonna be done until april or may; but if we had a couple, this would be helpful.


I’ll make it happen. :slight_smile:


You’re great, man! :smiley:




No! haha. I am many things… great is not one of them. Really need to find some motivation right now, which seems to be in short supply.

I am not quite sure how to approach this so it might take some time for me to get anything out. Thanks for your patience guys!