Mouse Aim


Hello! Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile:
First of all, Frogatto Engine is awesome! You guys are great!
I looking forward to make a shooter platformer out of it, but i wonder, is it even possible to make a mouse aim shooting with the engine?


So, i’m guessin’ that is “no”?


Oh, hey, we have a forum! I forgot about that! Yes, you can read mouse position off the player, eg, in the debug console, level.player.ctrl_mice. (It’s a list of x/y coordinates, one for each pointing device / finger.) Have a search for “ctrl_mice” at for more details.

Sorry for the delay!


Well, just so you know, the IRC channel is probably the best place to get help. The developers of the game usually are hanging out/watching/hawking the IRC channel, and can get you a reply fairly quickly. (But you might have to wait a few hours, so make sure to leave your IRC client running!)

That being said, they do check the forums, so if you don’t want to use IRC, keep using the forums. They sometimes will post good tidbits from the forums, or maybe the person asking the question will just copy-paste the answer. The thing about the forums is that they stay around for future reference.