Monster Distribution


One thing I’d like to be more strict about in coming releases, is where certain monsters show up. Right now, we tend to reuse a lot of monsters from the first part of the game, in later segments (and vice-versa). There’s a good reason for that - we didn’t have enough monsters in the past, but once we do have enough, I’d like to limit where things show up to make each area feel different, and to make the game not seem like it’s cheaply recycling content.

The following lists what I’d like us to work towards; there are a few monsters which I’m unsure what to do with - probably the biggest one is the fumpers. Tentatively, I think I’d like to remove them from seaside, and make them exclusive to the forest. (For shadowmaster’s benefit, I’d be open to making a replacement for them in seaside: a small grasshopper sprite neo made that could act like a fumper, except swallowable.) Another unsure point is the bomb-dropping moths; tentatively, I’d like to make them exclusive to the cave. I’ve written the list accordingly:

(Red items are monsters that, IMO, need work; one or two are currently in-game, but most aren’t, yet.)


[ul][li]black, red ant[/li]
[li]black ant flier[/li]
[li]black, water beetles[/li]
[li]red hornbug[/li]
[li]shooting plant[/li]
[li]super shooting plant[/li]
[li]shooting white flower[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]spear kitty[/li]
[li]gun kitty[/li]
[li]milgram pod + launcher[/li]
[li]milgram block[/li]
[li]steelball bunny[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]black, red squirrel[/li]
[li]jumping bunnies[/li]
[li]steelball bunny[/li]
[li]normal/highjump fumper[/li][/ul]

[list][li][color=red]blue, red mushrooms[/li]
[li]blue, red mushroom blimps[/li]
[li]small, large aiming moths[/li]
[list][li]white grubs[/li]

[li]bombing moths[/li]
[li]jumping worms[/li]
[li]armor beetles[/li]

[li]spear kitty[/li]
[li]gun kitty[/li]
[li]milgram pod + launcher[/li]
[li]milgram block + launcher[/li]
[li]steelball bunny[/li]
[li]sniper kitty[/li]
[li]ninja kitty[/li]
[li]armor+mace kitty[/li]


Perhaps you could enhance enemies as you move through the game. For example ants have one health at the seaside but two or three health in the forest. You could reuse or moderately change the sprites so that players could tell the difference while still changing difficulty and gameplay.