Maximum coins/hearts you've collected?


In r3315, I’ve managed to pick up 963 coins, and I have six hearts – although I apparently missed some of the secrets, since I didn’t get all of the hidden heart capsules in the last worlds and level up to seven.

Post here if you’ve topped either of these, in r3315 or an earlier version, in stock Frogatto (no editing coins into existence).


I don’t recall the number of coins, but I’ve played through a few times and by the time I fight Milgram end up with 9 full hps plus two parts (I think) of an incomplete heart capsule. There are quite a few chests with heart capsule parts hidden around. I don’t want to divulge where I found them, but I’d be happy to give hints.


Just completed a new playthrough with svn r3489:
889 coins collected
58,992 points
8 hitpoints + 2 heart pieces, and still lost twice to a possibly unusually stingy Milgram :stuck_out_tongue:


Playing r3772, I got 974 coins and 7 whole hearts, no partials. No purchases at the shop, so technically there’s still a heart for me there.

Edit: That just became 984 994 1007 1008 1011 1031 coins.

1032 coins, 7 whole hearts, one partial piece


… can anybody tell me how many hearts there are actually floating around in the game … I appear to be maxed out at 8 and can’t seem to find any other secret rooms that may be harbouring them …

… I’m using the version that was ported to the n900 (1.0.3-maemo2 if that means anthing to anyone!) …

… I noticed that the run through that has been YouTubed starts out with 3 hearts … in my n900 version I get 2 to start … then I’ve managed to pick up the following … (spoiler - highlight to read)1 from Nean’s ants in the basement task, 1 from Mortimer’s Golden Ant task, (it took me a long time to realise that this was possible, as I was confusing the golden ants with the jumping gold/green things that were trying to kill me!), 1 from the shop, 4 parts (making up one whole) from Crevice Village, 1 part from Twisted Trees, 1 part from Darkness Central, 1 part from Bug Mining, 1 part from Dark Corridor (making up a whole), and the final 1 whole heart from Dungeon Crawling. (/spoiler) … making 8 in total … so, any ideas how many I’m missing … and could I please have some hints about where to be looking for them? … seems like I’ve walked into every wall & bramble bush in the game, I’m not convinced that I’ve found all of the places I can jump to yet though!

I hope everyone else is enjoying this game as much as I am … totally adore the graphics, game-play & dialogue!


I hope you won’t be too disappointed to hear this, but you missed out on 2 hearts (8 heart pieces).
Yeah, back in version 1.0 the player started out with 3 hearts, but we implemented half-hearts a bit later so now you start with two (four hitpoints).


LOL! … nope … don’t be silly, not disappointed at all … just means I know there’s more to look for … much better than there not being anythig more to look for and having searched for days and days! … the graphics made me think there were probably 10 as there’s space for 10 hearts to match the top score/coins graphic … but I have spent a whole heap of time looking and am not getting anywhere so was really starting to wonder! … think I need to alter my strategy a little as it’s obviously not getting me closer to those extra heart parts! … thanks for letting me know how many I’m after though! x


Ah, good! Spoily bits below…
You may want to be on the lookout for traps that don’t seem to be protecting anything.


… yup … I’ve been on the look out for them since I very recently … realised there had to be something more in “Dark Corridor” … I’ve yet to work out any more of them though! … realised I missed a chest in Crevice Village … I’m no good at the jumping on falling blocks thing though so I may well have to give it up for lost and admit that there’s no way I’m ever going to get to it! …


… well, I’m up to nine full hearts … still searching for the rest, and having no luck … but did find “You are not supposed to be here - Shadowmaster” … I’d have prefered a heart peice, but that did make me laugh!