Lost Silver Key in Fan House


This is SVN 4829 Macintosh.

Ok, I carried the silver key into the “fan house” and left it by the front door.

After getting the red key to open the lock to get out – and returning to the door with the red lock, I found that the silver key had vanished.

Would it have been moved somewhere else, or did I lose it when I went out of FH-part 1 and then back again?

Would it be better to leave the key outside the house?

I’ve noticed that when I’ve gone through a “house” and then come back to it later, everything has been re-set to its original state. From reading some other posts, I got the impression that keys would be persistent wherever they were left.

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to go back to my last Save and continue anew from there.

Thank you,



The key should return to its original location if you leave it in any level and then leave that level.


Thank you, crimson_penguin

So, for future planning purposes – how do I know when I need to carry things with me. For example, if I go into a “house” where I don’t know what the outcome will be, is it best to carry items all the way through that particular house?

I seem to have been in the “fan house” several times already. Since I can get the silver key, it seems like I should be ready to go to the gate. But when I want to find it, I always end up getting diverted somewhere else.

I find it hard to keep track of where I am…

Anyway, when I get a chance, I will try again… thank you, kevin


Honestly, I think it’s just kind of bad design the way it is now. Because you naturally want to take the key to Danger House up to where it goes, and once you’ve unlocked it you want to go inside. When you go inside, you find the silver key, but then you want to do everything else up there… And when you go in the Fan House, you can’t even leave, and it’s literally impossible to keep the silver key and come out (because you have to carry another key across levels to get out). So personally I think we just need to fix that.


OK, I’m glad it isn’t just me being thick-headed.


Maybe, if you don’t want to track the exact position of every object, there could be some boxes you could drop the items in and retrieve afterwards… Then again storing “silver key at stash x” versus “silver key at map n, location (x,y)” does not make much difference…


Actually it would be easier to do it like that, I think. That’s not how we’re fixing this problem (we’re getting rid of any keys requiring to traverse levels), but that’s an interesting idea. I wouldn’t make it so you had to go back to the same one, I’d make it so they’re all connected. And perhaps there could be a few colored boxes, and each color is connected to every other one of that color… Might make for some interesting puzzles.


[sub]You’re starting to think with portals.[/sub] 8)


Yeah, for big deals like that gate, we’re switching to “press-once” buttons.

Not something I’d do for keys, but this is a really awesome idea. I ought to use this somewhere.