Link to the humble store


It’s nice to have a screenshot of the humble store, but where do you buy it? I have been unable to track the game down on the Humble Bundle site, which I had to Google in the first place.


You can buy it from here: – the humble store widget is right there on that page!


It should also be noted that there is no Humble Store site (for now). The Humble Store is not the Humble Bundle, though it is based on it. For now it’s just a widget which handles payments, hosting of binaries, etc. So as Dave said, the only way to buy Frogatto from the Humble Store, is right on our website.


You know, this really confused the hell out of me, too - I immediately assumed there was an actual “humble indie store” I could go to and find frogatto inside of.

I think therefore we should probably explain this specifically, on our downloads page.


I didn’t that this is actually a widget rather than a screenshot!

The text is confusing, maybe something like this would be better:

Buy your copy here (powered by Humble Store):

Of mention the store below the widget with a thank you.

The page title also suggest that the downloading/buying takes place somewhere else.

ETA: Here’s my Gaelic language plug - trailer and all :slight_smile:

I cut the trailer a while back with the last Release Candidate, so some bits are outdated. I don’t have the time right now to do this again, so I just added a note and we’ll have to live with it. I also posted the official trailer on my forum, so people can see (and hear!) the difference there :slight_smile: