Languages missing in the Steam listing


I just checked this listing: and found that some of the translations are missing, e.g. Scottish Gaelic which is at 100% and Korean which is at 98%. Is this an issue you can do something about, or should I try to contact Steam myself?


Ah, I just added some major ones in there instead of listing all the languages we’ll have (I omitted my translation as well, Brazilian Portuguese). I should do an announcement showing off our translation support, then. That’ll catch some eyes :slight_smile:


Oh, if instead of the Features bulleted list, you mean the Languages: thing below the cover image - there sadly is no Scottish Gaelic option to add there - there’s just a bunch of checkboxes with languages supported to tick.
I’ve updated the features blurb to include Scottish Gaelic.


I’ll have to take this up with steam then, but thanks for adding my language to the description :slight_smile: