Keeps crashing on Ubuntu


Hi there,
I just installed Frogatto on Ubuntu using the software center. I can start the application with no problem but as soon as I press the Ctrl+E to switch into editor mode, the window turns black and the application keeps resizing the window repeatedly like twice a second. After a while I finally can see the editor but it is very unstable and would crash after a short while.
The application seems very unstable and fragile but the concept is excellent. Am I doing something wrong or missing some fine tuning? Anything I can try?

Edit: just found some very usefull command line parameters :slight_smile:
It is pretty good with

frogatto --widescreen --fullscreen --no-music --width 1280 --height 800


I also get that problem when running Frogatto under the Unity interface.
I was supposed to get more information on that issue but forgot about it, heh. Time to ask around on the unity chatroom…


The developers of compiz (turns out it’s an issue a bit below Unity) are looking into that now.