Just thanks for the game, son likes it



thanks to all people involved in the making, code and art. my son is 4 and has pretty bad cancer. also he only has one usable hand because of that. we got him a 10" laptop and i installed ubuntu and searched for games in the repos. frogatto was there as well and he plays it for weeks now and needs only minor help with milgram, at the bridge with the airplane, plagued mine and some other parts. i remapped keys so he can play it one-handed.
we have to read+translate the dialogs for him (we are german).

he played keen before so he already had some practice with platformers. but he really made more progress and now is pretty good at running+jumping and walljumps. he said i should write to the developers of the game. i will stay tuned for a sequel or mods.


We’re not doing a sequel, but … we are adding a bunch of levels to the next version. A bunch of new story. I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out! :slightly_smiling:


thanks much! in the meantime i will have a look into the bugtracker and/or file a few bugs. he is excited about the new levels.


I am susprised that you have to translate for him, because the game has been translated into German. If you hit Esc on the main screen, you should see a button to a language selection menu.


Yep, my husband is from Germany, and he usually changes the language while playing with our daughter! Thanks for a great game!

Asa Aronsson