OK, I have a confession… I never played arcade games… not a one.

So, this “jumping” thing should probably be simple, but I’m having real trouble getting up onto overhanging rocks, cliffs, etc…

Do you press the arrow & A at the same time? Or, do you do it in sequence?

I’m sure most people don’t even have to think about it, but if someone could analyze the steps for me & report, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you, kevin


Frogatto’s jumping mechanics, like in 16-bit games such as Super Mario World and Sonic, give a great importance to momentum when jumping; that is, your jumping trajectory will be to the same direction you were going before jumping, and the horizontal speed with which you jump will change depending how fast you were going (walking or running).
So, for most jumps, you’ll want to start walking or running before you press the jump button; also, the longer you keep the jump button pressed (or, on iOS devices… held? I forgot what’s the right word), the higher you’ll go.
You have some degree of control to Frogatto’s jumping trajectory after you leave the ground, but if you press to the opposite direction when airborne you won’t reverse it completely as you’ll be “fighting” the momentum.
It’s kinda surprising how much we, with some more extensive gaming experience, take jumping mechanics for granted (not just on Frogatto, but on platforming games on general).


OK, I’ll try some more w/ these things in mind.


What Marcus said. 8) I wouldn’t think too much about it though. Over time you’ll naturally make the adjustment if you keep familiarizing yourself with the controls. It’s almost akin to developing ‘muscle memory’ in a way and what’s cool about frogatto is how this sense of ‘muscle memory’ is tested via stage design as the game progresses. That’s where some of the fun and challenge of the game comes into play. It is a little difficult at first so I definitely feel you there.