Iphone/Ipad Level Editor


Ho to All,
i have a question …
but the Editor works (or will works) on the iphone or ipad ?
I think that will be a nice feature include the level editor on the portables devices too … no??
See later …


I think the level editor on iPhone would be hard to use, and way too hard to make work. Maybe on iPad though.


I find the editor is only half of the level design process, for the other half you need to edit code to add in behaviors, scripts, etc. I think it would be somewhat annoying if we let the user create half a level.

Besides, the PC version is very free. :slight_smile:


What he said. So hard that it ain’t worth bothering.

We could pour a lot of effort into that, and no matter how hard we try, it’s gonna suck, because some things are just awkward to do on a tiny screen.


Yes sure … will not be the same as on PC.
But can be a kind of “experiment” at least trying to use on iPad with a larger screen than iPhone/iPod but using the fingers to contruct the levels.
Naturally if the porting of the Editor on the iPad/iPhone is not much complex.


I was looking for a new iPhone game. I found it here. I wanted to download it, but the link is dead. So I researched: It’s now in the App Store. I bought it. It’s a great game, but I thought it’s open source, so can someone provide me with the source code or could the link get fixed?


The source code is on github, here: https://github.com/frogatto/frogatto
I just tested the source and download links on the website, and they both worked for me. Which link is dead for you?


Also, why did you post this in this thread? Seems very unrelated.