Installation problem?


So I realize this game installs via its zip file. But every time I load up it goes through a little loading screen and looks like a bad tv channel back in the 90s. Except that the game is trying to move. This was using the 1.1.1 installation. The computer I am on runs things like diablo II LOD and Dungeon Siege LOA very well without crashes, so something simple like Frogatto should work wonderfully. Would really love to have this up and running again. I’ve posted in BfW’s threads. Posting this here a couple times and pm’d a dev. any further ideas?


Oooo yeah, we were having some nasty graphical corruption on windows back in 1.1. Try this unstable development build, it /hopefully/ has the problem fixed.
Upside: It probably works.
Downside: It’s a dev build, so the game itself is probably broken somewhere. Plus, no music.


so there’s no copies of 1.0 any more? it seemed to work I’ll see what I can do with the dev one. So plugging the music from 1.1.1 into this one doesn’t work? and by the by that exe just gave me the following install error:
Error Opening file for writing:
c:/program files/forgatto/DejaVuSans.ttf
Click abort to stop installation
Retry to try again
or ignore to continue

upon hitting the two functional pieces of that error it tells me the same thing until I cancel the installation.


Hm, after a bit of looking, try
We never throw anything out. :wink:

The error on that release is odd… and worrying. What version of Windows are you using?

We’re planning a big release in the next few weeks, so stay tuned, 'k? It’s waaay nicer than 1.0.3. :slight_smile:


I am downloading 1.0.3 now hopefully it works. Knowing more about it now helps too. ty for the help. I’ll post how my luck fares. Mm. Hijacked the graphics for 1.1.1 zo X3. I even have one of the characters as my image on several websites now. Are only dev’s allowed a portrait here?
Also noted somewhere in translation from 1.0.3 to 1.1.1 the Icon disappeared for the Exe. hoping that 1.2 or version 2 (if the graphics don’t change much) that gets fixed too. Or is 1.2 specific to Phones and what not?
T_T I hate my computer…
Its still messed up.
Guess I will wait till the update posts. Sad that its not reading properly for some reason


Yeah, the graphics aren’t compatible between versions. We move stuff around. For example, the graphics from 1.1.1 can’t be used with 1.0.3, because some of them are different sizes.

You might have to have 5+ or 10+ posts to have an avatar, we got hit pretty hard by spam-bots a while back. We seem to be good now, so perhaps those restrictions could be lightened a bit.


Uh, those aren’t related to avatars, just posting links (in sigs, in posts, or in profiles).
The avatar options should be checked on for everyone.


Upon further inspection, avatar options were NOT on for regular members. I’ve corrected that.


Mm. Nifty. Thanks Jetrel. DDR I wasn’t importing them from one version to the other. Using them for things like, well avatars. Though where would I find the settings for avatars? its not under account settings at the moment.
And…any chance of helping me understand why my comp crashes ever so slightly at running Frogatto Jetrel? Or rather Frogatto Crashes. There an installer for 1.1.1 somewhere? the Dev installer wont work so far.


Hm. I have no idea why it’s being glitchy for you then, myself. I guess you could try the dev version. If that one actually works for you, I’m sure we can arrange for a download of the soundtrack. :wink:

Perhaps tomorrow, someone more experienced that I am can help.

Glad you enjoyed the game!


yes well thank you for your help. I’ll see if I can figure out whats going on. Dxdiag is running now to see if I am even capable of viewing this game. which seems odd because I can run Diablo II LOD quite well.
well im on an ATI Radeon X300/X500/X1050 series card. So according to what’s been said I should be okay. Not sure why its glitching this badly then.


Quite. What version of Windows are you running? :-\


windows 7 ultimate, copyright 2009. Intel pentium 4 3.4 ghz processor…
hey I just grabbed icechat9’s IRC client. What all information do I need to connect to #frogatto?
I have the server name right but some of the data (i think the port) is wrong. What is our port?
Oh and i’m still not seeing a place to upload an avatar.
guess I shouldn’t pry my luck or nothing but oh well. I’m definitely in a mood right now due to not being able to run about amuk as a happy go lucky crocofrog. X3


[quote=“AnomalyCompound, post:13, topic:284”]hey I just grabbed icechat9’s IRC client. What all information do I need to connect to #frogatto?
I have the server name right but some of the data (i think the port) is wrong. What is our port?[/quote]
The network/server hostname is The port is any of the ports supported by freenode as listed on this page; the default of 6667 should work assuming you aren?t behind a stupid firewall, though.


o.o yeah figures. Hold on gotta kill that… MS Essentials is all I have but then I think i’m behind a NAT because of being hardwired. though Ice just crashed. working on it though. should frogatto be the channel?
Mkay did the research I needed to. I’m on there now. Thanks Shadow.


Be aware we’re only on at some times of day - you may have to wait upwards of 8+ hours to reach anyone; we’re a small team.

Krista^ is who you probably should talk to for issues regarding the windows build.


While I remember AnomalyCompound, when you run frogatto (and I’m particularly interested in the development version) it creates a file called stderr.txt in the folder you installed the game into. Could you please post the file as an attachment here. I’d really appreciate it.


here it is. Corrected the file

stderr.txt (5.9 KB)


Anomaly, I’ve uploaded a zip file containing a couple of DLL files (opengl32.dll and glu32.dll) here:
Can you please extract those files into the directory that you installed frogatto into (most interested in the development version) and tell me how things go.



Well that fixed the dev version. Would it fix the other?