I'm stuck! Can anyone help me?


I’m in Stonepipe Bridge and I can’t figure out how to defeat the enemy boss.
Any help?


Running (double tap arrows) is key to avoiding his bombs. Wait until he starts to drop one above you and then dash to where he’s already dropped on that pass. Swallow his bombs and spit them back at him.
When he makes the low pass you just have to aim up and in front of him to spit. When he makes the middle pass you must jump under. On the high pass you can’t hit him.

If you’re having too much trouble try going back a few levels, grab a bug, come back, save at the toilet, and then fight him with the bug in your stomach. A bug will do as much damage as three bombs.




Hello again,
This time I’m stuck in Milgram’s Throne Room
And I need help!

I played about twenty times but can’t beat Milgram
I think Frogatto should get a hp boost like 10 or 9
or the bots should fall on the sides of the level and not on Frogatto

Btw, is this the last level?


Yes, it’s the last level.

FWIW I have beat Milgram in two occasions having just 3 HP. Since his attacks are random, you may need some luck to get through it unless you have at least 4 HP, though, but it’s certainly beatable. It shouldn’t be that hard to predict where a Milgram Block guy will land now that you know their pattern. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only really hard part in my opinion is avoiding the homing missiles, especially once you get two of them on the screen at once.


The [glow=red,2,300]Homing Blasts[/glow] are the tricky part for me too.
But how many bots do I have to hit him with to win?

Btw,I did a little debugging (but fixed it) to see how the game ended and I gotta tell you:
The ending was quite funny! ;D

And thank you for such a great game ! It was absolutely great!


Finally defeated Milgram!
And without cheats!


You should really look around for more heart capsules as you play. I’ve played through to the end several times now and by the time I fight Milgram, I have 9. I don’t necessarily need that many to beat him, but it’s fun to find those hidden capsules.


I took the easy way out. I opened Frogatto’s file and gave him 6 hitpoints :stuck_out_tongue:
[sub][sub]I haven’t posted or checked this forum for months and didn’t realize that Frogatto was under going development. I just thought 1.0.0 was the final release.[/sub][/sub]


Version 1.0 is the first stable release. Not final. :slight_smile:


Where im Stuck:
In the house that locks you in… you have to jump up a ledge but a fan pervents you from jumping. Cleared out everything beloew and looked everywhere for a lever to turn on second fan. Any Help?


Well, there’s a lever around there somewhere. I’m pretty sure it’s in the bottom right area. I do recall it being somewhat hard to see…


im pretty sure if you kill the bowler that is all you need just jump i remember i never turned on second fan… twhatever you do there is 2 lvls to that house DONT DIE!!!