How to use the translations on Windows


Recently, we’ve added 5 batch files to our windows release. These are english, Portugu?s do Brasil, Fran?ais, ???, ??. To run Frogatto in one of these languages, simply click on it’s file. Automatic language detection does not work on windows, right now, for two reasons: 1) None of us are running windows. 2) Pwogwamming is HAWD. These batch files are very simple, just open them up and have a look if you distrust them. The first line sets the language variable, and the second runs the game. :slight_smile:
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I have an automatic language detection code under Windows :slight_smile: This is the example:

[code]#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;

int main(){
string s;
char c[1024];
if(c[0]!=’\0’) s+=string("_")+c;
return 0;
}[/code] I have used this code in some open source projects … I think you can use this code in the game :slight_smile:


Thanks! :smiley:


Yes, thanks a lot! I’ll try this next time I open up Windows.


Thanks a million for the .bat files! :smiley:

I am planning to translate into Scottish Gaelic, and there is no operating system available in the language. So, automatic language detection is always a major fail there! :frowning:

Maybe we could have an options screen where people can choose a different language if they don’t want to use the OS language? This might also be great for language learners who want to try out playing in a language not their own.


If you translate the game into Scottish Gaelic, I’m sure we can figure out some way switch languages. :slight_smile:



I’m at 28% now, give me a couple of weeks :smiley: