Can i help with the game? Like being an admin? :wink:


Err, admin for what? The forum doesn’t need a whole lot of moderating at this point, if that’s what you mean. There are definitely things that can be helped with though. I don’t know what your skills are; most things require either art skills, or some amount of programming skills.

EDIT: By the way, you’ve now created 2 topics asking questions which are answered on our About and Developer pages.


Well, i would like help developing the game or the forum :wink:


Well, the best way to be up-to-date on what needs to be done, or fixed, would be to join us on IRC; #frogatto on
The communication there is much faster, and most of the design discussions are done there anyway.

dont work for me. I type in webbrowser. And it doesnt popup


[quote=“linus21, post:5, topic:209”]
dont work for me. I type in webbrowser. And it doesnt popup[/quote]

You are correct that is a “URL”, however, it’s only meant to work in an irc program. URLs just tell a program to connect to a certain server, but even though they’re most commonly used for webpages, they can also be used for anything else.

In your case, you will need to download an IRC program.

IRC is a program+protocol that does chat rooms. We have one we use to coordinate work on frogatto.


Ok, also. Frogatto would be 5X as fun if you added multiplayer and a “night time”


Care to elaborate?


Well, i didnt say you have to do it. But it would be fun :-[


You could also use Freenode’s webchat interface:
There you type [tt]#frogatto[/tt] into the [tt]channels[/tt] input field and connect.

Regarding the “night time”, I think Jetrel wants you to explain that further. You just used the term without explaining what exactly you understand by it.



Night time, when it you have played like 10 mins. and the sun goes down and a moon comes. And it will get darker. And then after 15 minutes it gets sun again. When the moon is up, it comes special monsters/items that cant be shown on the day :wink:


Indeed, that would be cool. But I’m not sure how we could implement such a feature. Tbh, I remember bringing this up before. In Donkey Kong Country, for example, there is an area (I think the first level) where there is a checkpoint of sorts. As soon as you cross the checkpoint, the light in the sky starts to dim, and it turns from dusk, to night. It’s a really cool effect but it may not be feasible for frogatto. YET.


Okay :expressionless: but it would be cool :slight_smile:


Yes. It would be cool. I had some ideas for areas where the sky changes when you reach a certain point in the stage… whereupon the sky darkens around you and it begins to rain,etc etc

But it also may take too much work atm. PATIENCE. It helps. :-X


We can easily make it start to rain when you cross a point. :slight_smile:


And dark`? :slight_smile:


Not a night level, and transitioning from day to night could be troublesome, but we do have a rainy level, currently not in use:

You can run it by accessing the editor (CTRL-E) then opening the level test6.cfg .