HELP! Does this really lead anywhere?


Dying of frustration here. Nothing worse than being 90% sure you’ve found a way to a heart piece and lacking the manual dexterity to pull it off. And if I EVER, after hours of trying, finally do get through only to find that it really is nothing… well, I don’t want that to happen.

In this screenshot, does that chimney go anywhere? (Note that it MAY be minor spoilers if you haven’t found all the stuff and someone says “yes”)

EDIT: The level is: Hidden Depths


Nope, absolutely nothing up there! In fact that’s the top of the level.


Darn. And I was so close to getting the wall hop going. Just as a reference, if you can’t “look up”, does that mean 100% of the time that there’s nothing higher?


Yes - the camera is getting blocked by the edge of the level, since it’s forbidden from showing anything out-of-bounds.