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I am trying to implement a HUD for a game using the Anura engine, but I have stumbled on a couple of issues:

  1. How do I make hearts be animated? I gave animations like “heart_full” and “heart_half” 4 frames and a duration of 6, but only the first frame of the heart graphics I’m using appears. Is it impossible to make a non-static graphic through draw_animation?

  2. How do I change the graphics used by the numbers in the gold HUD (draw_number function)? In Frogatto, the /gui/number-font-scrolling.png numbers seem to be used, but this file isn’t referenced anywhere, and creating a file with the same name in a different module doesn’t change the graphics used by the numbers, either.


I suggest you get on IRC; we’re regularly on, in the channel #frogatto. is one way to do so if you’re not familiar with IRC (never can tell if people will be, tbh).

I don’t know the answers to these questions in particular, though I’ve worked with the HUD a decent amount; these are two things I haven’t yet tried to do. We’re usually on during USA evenings, though there’s a pretty big crowd in there all the time. Do try to stay on as long as you can - we’d be an invaluable source of information, and it’s always a bit tragic when someone asks a question, disappears an hour later, and then I get back and there’s no way for me to contact them with the answer to their question.

I can safely say that we’d like the engine to be capable of both of the items you want. Krista’s got a new widget system she wants us to replace the current HUD with, and what you want to do with your HUD might be a great guinea pig, if you’re using the latest anura.


For the record, here is how the resulting conversation on IRC went.
[02:22:54] I am having some issues implementing a HUD in the Anura engine
[02:23:18] I posted in the forums and Jetrel answered recommending me to come here and ask about it
[02:24:23] I had two issues. The first one was that I couldn’t get HUD animations like heart_full or heart_half to be animated
[02:24:56] Is it impossible to create non-static HUD animation through draw_animation?
[02:26:42] I am using the Anura executable that comes with Frogatto 1.3
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[02:29:39] Hm. I don’t actually have too much experience with the HUD stuff. :confused:
[02:30:29] Our resident experts, Jetrel and/or Sirp, probably have been asleep for a few hours.
[02:32:56] Ah ok, thanks anyway :slight_smile:
[02:34:06] A possible work-around I can suggest is to set use_absolute_screen_coordinates: true in an object; and then use that object like a UI element. (I think it’s a touch more flexable, too, though I’m not sure.)
[02:35:19] The use_absolute_screen_coordinates thing just means it’s drawn relative to the upper-left corner of the window, not relative to the point of origin of the level.
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[02:36:51] Thanks! I’ll try that
[02:37:21] Good luck! I’m like 90% sure that’s in 1.3.
[02:38:30] The second issue I’m having is with replacing the graphics for the “gold” numbers. In Frogatto they seem to be located in /gui/number-font-scrolling.png, but I couldn’t find any references to that file, and adding a similarly named file to my module doesn’t work for changing those graphics, either.
[02:38:42] Do you have any idea on how to solve that?
[02:40:11] Let me have a look, here…
[02:43:39] Andrettin: those gold-“slot machine” style numbers in the HUD are currently still a hard-coded thing in the engine, dating from time immemorial.
[02:44:14] Andrettin: however, I’ve definitely got it pegged as a feature for the upcoming v4 that we’re going to replace them with something (anything) that’s done in FFL; probably via a widget.
[02:44:39] So, no, you can’t customize them “as-is”, but the whole system is going to replaced, and that replacement, you will be able to customize.
[02:44:52] Andrettin: we expect to be doing this fairly soon - within the next month or two.
[02:46:12] I believe the engine code is already in-place to do this, I just haven’t had the time, myself, to replace what we’ve got because I’m really the “only guy doing full-time work on, specifically, frogatto itself”, so I’ve got a bunch of more content-driven stuff I want to tie off before I start attacking that.
[02:46:19] ~/anura/modules/frogatto/data/gui/hud.cfg:28 seems to direct the drawing of the number font, but as Jetrel says, it’s ancient and not very configurable.
[02:46:33] Thanks, Jetrel! That sounds quite good :slight_smile:
[02:46:57] (We’ve got at least 2+ people hacking away and doing awesome things on anura, but as far as content-creation goes for frogatto, it’s “1+”, and I’m the “1”.)
[02:47:22] Andrettin: so, KristaS is probably the person who really knows what you’d need to do to replace this.


Any news on this issue (whether the engine has been modified to make the HUD more configurable)?


The GUI has been rewritten for the next version, it should be considerably easier to figure out now. It used to be more of a configuration of the gui the engine rendered, but now it’s a configuration of the in-game objects the engine renders.