Game initially fast but slows down


hw is an atom laptop with dual core and 1.6ghz and intel gma and ubuntu 64bit 15.10. the game runs initially fast but as it progresses its slows down more and more, after respawn its fast again but that does not hold long. the worst ones are twisted trees and burning stone. is the hw just too slow or can i do anything about it? does it help if i send profiling data? thanks!


What version of the game are you running?

If you could run the game with the --profile option from the command line, that’d help us figure out what was taking so long. It’ll generate a lot of output, so something like the following ought to work.

./anura --profile 2> ffl-profile.txt

To teleport around, which is very helpful to debug stuff, you can type ctrl-d to bring up the debug console, then teleport(‘burning-stone.cfg’) to go there. Just be sure to get the ID of the current level first by typing, so you can return when you’re done. :slightly_smiling: