Fun Forum Fact:


In a year, there have been less than 4 pages of new topics made. I know this because it’s been nearly a year since I was on here, because I was on here because of linus21 (nub thinks he made frogatto /viewtopic.php?pid=478#p478) and I got on now and there’s been less than 4 pages on the unread posts since last visit page.


Yeah, we’re all on irc, on compatible-ish timezones, so we don’t belabor the forum too much. It’d be rad if more people would post stuff, though.


:frowning: IRC makes me miss coldstorm. I could go on a rant about how much better coldstorm is than IRC (And I have, irl and online) but I won’t now.


Yeah, IRC blows in my strong opinion, but the problem with irc is the facebook problem - it doesn’t matter how awesome the alternative is, because all the free software programmers hang out on IRC. We get a lot of random channel-walk-ins from other open-source people, and we probably would get almost none with any other service.

It may or may not apply to in-browser ones; the irc thing happens because these people already have irc open 24/7, so adding yet another channel is no big deal. People also always have browsers open, but the problem is that IRC is pretty light-resourcewise, whereas the old ghetto “written in java” web clients are space whales, and tend to get avoided for being resource hogs. This might not apply to some lean javascript client, though.


coldstorm wasn’t like that. It was lightweight and packed with features. You post a youtube link, and when you click it, you get a div popup (which is drag-able) with the youtube video in it. If someone posts a link to an image, click it, the image pops up in chat, and if you click the link again it opens in full size in a new tab, and click the image to make it collapse into a link again. You could pick a color for your username, but it couldn’t be too dark or coldstorm would reject it. It was awesome. But Neph stopped wanting to host it so now we’re on the blank featureless IRC.