Frogatto Soundtrack


Ooh, I like 'em. Very perky. And I think you’re onto something with this slight-variations business. It’s always cool to have the music adjust itself in accordance with your actions. Very Metal Gear, very Banjo-Kazooie.


Wondering if this mix is better.

I added a subtle electric guitar to give some edge to the vibrant section


elder theme: Reminds be of DKC, only better.
frogotto town theme: Bad link.
frogatto town final: The flutes either sound a bit clippy, or they just don’t come through my speakers very well. Very, very nicely done, though! ;D

so good


Hm. This is great.

It’s useful to have a short-reprise version like this, but I think it’s not really suitable as an “elder theme”, because it’s really not different from the town theme at all. It’s like a really short arrangement of the exact same song - in fact AFAICT it’s literally just the second half of the first song, chopped off.

I think the elder theme needs to be very distinct from the town theme - the amount of difference we currently have in the song in-game is perfect. The current one has the same foundation, in terms of bass beat and such, as the town, but has a very different melody. I think it’s important for him to have his own melody - he’s an important character, but may become even more important if we give him additional cutscenes and such.

(Fwiw, I love the current melody for the elder, but I won’t stand in the way of a total replacement if you’re game for one).


Yea. I know it’s kind of the same thing. I’ll add a bit more flavour to the elder theme if i can


Milgram’s theme. Maybe use this one instead. It sounds a little sinister though it’s cheesy as hell so it might work.


Sounds like Al. Ucard.




hahaha. ;D

Speaking plainly; I mean that it’s reminiscent of some early castlevania music. Maybe 1, maybe 3. I don’t think it’s a ripoff in any way, but the exact type of chiptune instrument as the main backing in this, as well as the particular melody at the start does remind me of them (of course it soon gets into milgram’s theme, which is not melodically similar to castlevania; just the intro is, not the main melody).

Hence the joke about a certain composer from Eastern Europe, named Al Lucard. [size=6pt]WHICH IS SECRETLY JUST DRACULA SPELLED BACKWARDS![/size]

I actually think this could be excellent as music for a sub-boss in milgram’s dungeon.


It sounds like Castlevania b/c Castlevania stays very close to the baroque style and my piece is heavily styled according to … baroquian principles… which I am pretty sure is a made up word. Oh well


Well at any rate it’s an excellent piece, and we’re going to be adding more bosses (including in the dungeon), so… seems like a win all-around. ;D


I don’t think it would work as a straight battle theme. I think it would work better as milgram’s dungeon theme if expanded a bit. But try it as a boss battle theme in milgram’s dungeon to see how it works

The gameplay has been tuned (combat is much more fleshed out), the art has been visibly improved ? foregrounds especially ? and the music is absolutely [i]gorgeous[/i] now.


glad to hear it. I remember when the music was really hard to listen to and contained ‘loudness without being loud’. Nearly almost all of those tracks have been replaced. YES!

We’ve all come a long way and we should be very proud of of the results we are seeing. :smiley: People can’t ignore the effort we’ve put into this


Would this work as a victory theme?


Generally speaking - yes. :slight_smile:

I think it needs a lot more “bombast” and "dynamism"as it intros. If a victory song comes in two parts - an initial fanfare, and then a victory march, this is the march, and we need some fanfare. We need only like … 5 seconds of fanfare, if that, but I think we do need fanfare of some kind or form.

Fanfare doesn’t necessarily mean traditional fanfare, like trumpets and such, it just means something with the same arresting, bold attitude, and with a similarly dynamic tempo. Emotionally, there needs to be sort of a sharp announcement to the player that they just won, right at the start.

It actually might be a great idea if you provided the fanfare as a separate 5-second song, so we could play it once, and then loop this calmer piece indefinitely.





Milgram Theme (introductory theme) ? I am sure we’ll find some way to make use of it


I am sure we will too.

:wink: You really seem to be on a chiptune jag, recently. It works.