Frogatto Soundtrack



So nice to have that fixed, and so quickly.


Anything for you, luv. :smiley: Hope we can put it to good use


Going to work on making some more upbeat songs for Frogatto. Imho, a lot of the soundtrack is thoughtful, but very slow paced for action sequences. Sometimes that is fine but some contrast will definitely keep things from dragging out musically.
Energetic change can create more dynamic gaming situations/environments/interactions between gamer and vgworld. Definitely something to work towards.


New piece.


Trying to be better these days about immediately uploading these to source control, which I’ve just done for this latest piece.

Not being used yet, but it’s there for when we need it.


Perhaps a little repetitive near the beginning, but I liked it overall. :slight_smile:


Thanks. For some reason I was totally hearing this as a pirate theme of sorts.


More stuff.


Just wow. :o This is gonna be a good one. This one’s also nice because I think it can work almost anywhere.

Especial props on the 5:00~ mark. Genius.

I’ve gotten it in source control, not in the game yet. Trying to be on the ball about that these days so we never have a backlog like I did earlier.


Thematic piece for dialogue or maybe a small stage theme or bonus stage theme. :slight_smile:


;D Got it, and uploaded it.

Man, I’ve gotta find a place for these. So good.


I need to take some time the next few weeks to excise some of the current pieces. We won’t be able to use all of them.


I want to possibly make this the main stage theme. I wanted to remix the original but it made sense to just go for something better.


Nicely done! 8)
I’ve uploaded this to the git, but I haven’t wired it into any levels yet ? I’ll leave that for Jetrel to do.


Cool man. This piece should replace the main stage theme. Which reminds me. I am getting the point of considering axing like 70 percent of the music for frogatto. I would prefer to have 3 or 4 pieces like this for frogatto for each main area. and then right smaller themes for more specialized fare, such as unique maps and unique characters, storyline etc/

4 main pieces that are long enough to hold interest for extended periods of time without getting in the way. We have WAY too much junk music in the Frogatto folder. It’s my fault. But it’s time to upgrade and update in a big way.

I finally have the sense that I have the tools and knowledge to make the soundtrack the right way now. :slight_smile:


I’m okay with you changing plans on how things are done, but as a rule, we can’t act like anyone’s plans are a guaranteed thing, until they’ve been delivered. It’s a basic rule of professional project management. You keep the good until the better gets there, because life is finite, times and pressures change, and the better might never get there. It’s welcome when it does - and I’m quite open to changes in general format where a few songs get cut and don’t have replacements.

One reason is that having more plans than you can ever complete (by a huge margin) is a good sign of being a decent planner/creative person, and considering all possible ways to go (much like one thinks when playing chess).

On the other hand, and I can’t tell from what you wrote - if you’re having a failure of confidence in your work, don’t. Failures of confidence on the part of an artist are almost pure cancer. Even if you’re right - even if there is a genuine flaw. I’ve seen a lot of dudes go crazy and rip up their work “augh, it’s all for naught!” - and it’s just fucking insane because even flawed, their work is ingenious. I’m glad so many artists are in situations where they can’t wig out and tear it all up (usually because it’s already been published and is out there), because we as a world would be so much poorer for the loss of it. It’s most tragic when these guys end up like Richard Williams, or Dan Kim, or our very own Guido Bos, and perpetually keep working on something and rebooting it over and over and over and over. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So close, so much finished, perfectly good material, and then … oops, gonna toss it all and restart from square one.

Don’t be that guy.


On that note, Tom RPG ( seems to have been updated once in the past two or three months. :frowning:


This isn’t a failure of confidence Jet. It’s a rational decision to make the soundtrack better.


Good, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t doubting yourself.

You are a beast, my good sir. 8)


Done with that nonsense, boiiiiiiiii. Only good times from here on out. :slight_smile: