Frogatto Soundtrack




It will be worth the wait. :wink: My g5 was just not cutting it for making the type of quality music that a game of this quality deserves, imo.

Looking @ a new imac with i7 and 8-16gb ram and it’s going to affect the quality of the presentation in regards to audio in a very big way. It’s been really difficult having a computer that just wasn’t able to render things on the fly the way I wanted and I was having a lot of difficulty with lag and latency.
My PPC dual 1.8 g5 served me fairly well (7.5 years or so) but the really good sample libraries and effects requires large amounts of ram… ram that I hope to have before too long. :smiley:

I believe mac has a symposium around July where they announce new mac products. It is typical for such announcements to coincide with large price drops on the computers. I don’t know that I want to wait THAT long to get my computer situated solved, but I am keeping my eyes and ears peeled.


I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed by WWDC in terms of iMacs; they were just updated a month ago.


Thanks for the heads up

Now is the time to buy. Nothing disappointing about getting my rig sooner rather than later.


Hey Ryan, a friend of mine recently told me to check out the music to Frogatto, and I’m glad I did. The title theme is awesome. =D One of the best new tracks I’ve heard in a year, and will remain a favorite of mine. Thank you so much for for writing it! Aside from just enjoying it as a listener, it’s also inspirational to me as I’m a learning game composer.

Anyway, I have a silly question since I hadn’t been following Frogatto until recently. What was the first version of the game that this current version of the title them appeared in? Or if you don’t know that, do you happen to know year was it?

That’s all. Thanks!


Kaleb, hello! And thanks for stopping by. I am both pleased and pleasantly surprised that you’ve found this music out of the many excellent soundtracks that are out there and maybe even more amazingly, that you enjoyed it! ha. I’ve worked very hard constructing the themes for the game so it’s always a pleasure when someone notices the hard work that’s been in to everything.

I’m not exactly positive in which version of the frogatto build the current theme was first introduced. There have been … LOTS! of releases. And the soundtrack has morphed time and time again that I’ve difficulty remembering with any sense of precision where and when the theme first manifested. I have been developing the theme for a few years… sorry that probably isn’t going to help you very much. :confused: Maybe one of our other devs has a better idea?

Anyways, cheers. have a good one


Well here’s the history of that song (it is FrogattoStage1 we’re talking about, right?).


“FrogattoStage1” is another track I much enjoy from the soundtrack. However, I was talking about “FrogattoTitle”, and I found the info here. Thanks for showing me this!

Ryan, you’re welcome. Sometimes I’ll just put on the Frogatto title theme while I go to sleep, and even though it has its upbeat parts, it’s pretty relaxing overall. There’s certainly a lot going for it.

Besides that, I have to say I also really love the first minute of “FrogattoChill”. That mood is just perfect. It reminds me of Hiroki Kikuta’s work on Secret of Mana. There certainly needs to be more music like this, whether in Frogatto or elsewhere.


Haha well stick around man! Plenty more where that came from developing like a cloud storm beyond the horizon. (twiddles fingers)

:slight_smile: Have a nice 4th!


Frogatto credits theme


[quote=“RyanReilly, post:30, topic:114”]Frogatto credits theme[/quote]

:slight_smile: This sounds good; I’m guessing this is a rehash using the new setup?

The only caveat is that this seems to have rather strong “high, tinny bits” on the harpsichord (moreso than before, I think). I think if you just ran that particular instrument through a different EQ, this’d be gold.


Thanks. I agree completely. The harpsichord would benefit from using a different sample entirely. :slight_smile: Can’t wait until I can get my new setup working so I can retool and tinker with things a bit.


Frogatto track? Not sure what I was setting out to do except mess stuff up. :slight_smile: Had to do something a little different to get the creative juices flowing. Kind of funky. I started out with a battle theme in mind but this…

#34 Music for chillaxin in 2d land


It cuts off rather abruptly at the end, but I like everything up to that point. It’s a pretty intense piece of music.


This is a very new influence. And good.
Jesus. :o

DDR does note the end is a bit abrupt, but given how the song starts, I think it’s okay as a loop.


Plans and such: To prevent this forest update from creeping back into “hail mary pass” territory, we’re splitting it into parts. The first one is going to have a few new levels added into our current roster, and will show off the new forest enemies I’ve made, on them. It will also have one new boss - the giant moth - and finally feature Tempo Village, in the forest. My forest exteriors should be nicely presentable, but we’re just gonna do color-shifted versions of the seaside interiors for the inside of the forest houses in this update, because it’s just too crazy to try doing real forest interiors right now.

Still hoping to reasonably have this done by sometime in may. Then we can space a new update out every couple months.

So about music, then:
Outside of seaside, which I’m pretty happy with the distribution of music on, I’m going to shuffle up how we do things, because you’ve made a bunch of songs that aren’t getting used. I’m gonna do this this afternoon so it bloody gets done, but I thought I’d speak it aloud here, let you make suggestions, get in on the process.

So as the forest area grows, we’ll have a lot more room for different songs; I’m putting the currently unused “CrispDrum”, “DrumJazz”, and “DrumBeat” songs to use there; the existing “FrogForest” is getting used, and I finally have a place for “FrogForestVillage”. Feels like “FrogReggae” might also fit, but that might crowd things a touch - we want time for these songs to breathe. Once we have the swamp section, I’ll also add in the associated mushroom tunes (like “DangerSwamp”), but that’s gonna wait till the next release after.

The cave currently uses only “PointBreak”, and “TheWomb”. Probably going to pull “TheWomb” and save that for the ghostly section of the forest, and then put in “AncientCave” “Gunslinger” and “GunEtCetera”.

I’m thinking of taking a page from castlevania and being willing to use some more upbeat stuff in the dungeon; use an eerie theme to set the mood initially, and then branch out: I’m thinking we’d start with “TerrestrialFortitude” as an intro, and follow into various usage of “PepUp” “DungeonBaroque”, this new “100hrtemp”, possibly “FrogReggae” I’d mentioned earlier. “SkyDrumming” might get used for a certain section, and then at the end we’d cap stuff off with milgram’s throne-room tunes and the epilogue.


Sounds promising. :slight_smile: I endorse the idea.

Additionally, Not a lot of Castlevania styled tracks in the game. Might have to change that one of these days…


:’( Augh! There are a bunch of frogatto songs on SoundCloud I’m not allowed to download; just to play. Can you flag these so the public can download them?

Dunno what projects these are for, but it’s probably a good idea to flag everything downloadable just in case:


Those last two are going to stay as is as they are for some different projects. Although I am fairly certain that they are for OUR projects… ermmm… let me see what I can do about that. :slight_smile:

And unlocked. SHMUP will remain locked… for now