Frogatto sees a ghost


Harstersham- Good morning.
Frogatto- Um… hello there.
Harstersham- Is everything all right?
Frogatto- What? Yeah. I’m… fine.
Harstersham- You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

(If Frogatto was polite to Truggle)
Frogatto- Well, I’ll be honest with you.
Frogatto- I made some judgments based on your appearance.
Frogatto- And then, when it turned out I was wrong, I didn’t know how to react.
Harstersham- sigh This happens to me all the time.
Frogatto- That must be frustrating.
Harstersham- It is. But I’m glad you gave me a chance.
Harstersham- Most people just keep their distance from me.
Frogatto- I’m sorry to hear that.
Frogatto- I’ll be more careful not to assume things about people in the future.
Harstersham- Thank you. Take care.

(If Frogatto argued with Truggle)
Frogatto- Well, I imagine if I ever saw a ghost, it would look like you.
Harstersham- Wow. I can’t believe I’m hearing this.
Frogatto- Oh, come on. This can’t be the first time.
Frogatto- Have you never looked in the mirror?
Harstersham- That’s not why I’m surprised.
Harstersham- I heard what you said to Truggle over there.
Harstersham- You were in such a rush to call him out on his bigotry.
Harstersham- But I guess it’s okay when you make snap judgments based on appearances.
Harstersham- And at least Truggle was correct! Your reaction doesn’t even make sense.
Harstersham- Why would a ghost be hanging out in a village in the middle of the day?
Harstersham- WEARING A SCARF?
Frogatto- You’re right, that would be completely ridiculous.
Frogatto- I’m sorry. I let my emotions take over and didn’t think.
Harstersham- It’s okay. Just be a little more sensitive in the future.
Frogatto- I will. Take care.