Elemedals is a fan game of Spiral Knights, an MMO which I’ve played since its beta. Lately I haven’t been playing Spiral Knights as much for several reasons, but I still really do love that game. (Devs, plsreleasemorecontent…) Like all MMOs, I’m aware that Spiral Knights will have to shut down one day, and that’s

Thread on Spiral Knights forums
Git repository
Playlist on Youtube

There are two reasons for me making this thread here:

  • The other forums consists mostly of the players who might or might not be interested in helping create the game. The Spiral Knights thread is more for showing pictures, talking about in-game features, etc.
  • So that the people who use the Anura engine can know about the module. (That goes without saying…)

As of writing, I do need two particular kinds of help: background art and sound effects. No, I am not saying I need that help now and I don’t expect it to come from the Frogatto community. However, I will need help eventually.

Right now, I am working on the demo. My checklist includes:

  • at least one monster of each family - 30%
  • a full tile set - 0%
  • complete player character - 15%
  • damage system - 0% (not counting Frogatto’s damage-system, which is a good place to start)
  • working HUD - 0%
  • basic UI - 0%
  • two of each kind of weapon - 0%

For now, this thread won’t get updated as often as the other one.