Editor World!


It’s been bugging me that when I use the editor, it save over the actually game, so if I screw something up I have to re-download it. My idea is that perhaps after the player beats a certain part of the game, or maybe just at the starts the game, a door should appears on the first screen called Editor World or something like that. It’s exactly like the main world except all editing done in there is done to duplicate files in a different folder and all new level are put in that folder. This would make it safer for people who would want to make a cave here, or a dungeon there, or even a user-made campaign [size=6pt](gee, wonder were that came from)[/size] It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to add an extra door that led to another folder with exactly the same files, but I wouldn’t know :frowning: . Thoughts?


You can save and load completely new worlds though. ???


:-\ Yes, the current behaviour was ideal for our jobs as the guys who made the game, but you’re correct that the “destructive” aspect of the editor, in how it overwrites the core content, isn’t so friendly.

The wesnoth editor actually is no different, except in one dramatic nuance - when you first fire it up, it hasn’t automatically loaded a core level in, so most people don’t end up overwriting one by accident.


Wait a minute!
There’s an editor!
Can anyone tell me how to load it?


(The e is for easy… I mean enjoy… I mean extra awesome)


Thanks again Gambit