Dux Duo: A scrolling shooter and RTS in one!


I’ve been working on a prototype for an experimental game, called Dux Duo.

Dux Duo has a perspective and controls similar to Choplifter – you control a helicopter from a side on perspective, and combat various enemies.

However, rather than use your helicopter to rescue hostages, you order up units – artillery, tanks, infantry, SAM’s – which are constructed at your base. Once available, you can pick the unit up, carry it to where you want to deploy it, and drop it. There are various bases dotted around the terrain, which you must vy for control of.

I’ve checked Dux Duo into git. To play it, run the game with the parameters --module=duxduo --level test.cfg

The controls are as follows:

a – attack
s – switch facing
d – pick up unit or drop unit

arrow keys – move

The units are as follows:

infantry – small and slow, but needed to capture bases
tanks – strong against ground units, main attack unit
cannon – immobile strong defense unit
SAM – shoots enemy helicopters down
artillery – shoots over hills at enemy units. Especially good for getting cannons and SAM’s at distance

Please try it and let me know what you think!

Since everyone likes pictures, check out this picture of my chopper battling the AI chopper while our ground troops fight it out beneath:


Wow! Looks great! I’ll check it out.




Woo hoo, I beat it! :smiley:
That last stretch is a beast. Fun stuff!