Dungeon Gotto Module!


The Module is (almost) Ready to use! I’m still working on Some levels. Going to get the custom GUI soon!
[size=18pt][font=impact]DOWNLOAD COMING SOON![/font][/size]


oo, font


Oh yeah, I didn’t know you could do that.


Sad to say that I might stop working on the module. I got a new computer (Mac 0sx 10.7.5 INTEL) and as i might have said earlier that my intel does not like PPC levels. I have sadly lost a progress.


This is nonsense - there’s no incompatibility between PPC and intel levels. None.

If you’re having a problem, something else is causing it, but there should totally be a way to fix it. Talk to us! Right now you’re really uncommunicative - I’m pretty sure we can solve any problem you’re having, but you’ve got to get on IRC and be patient.


Try this on your intel mac - it should be able to read your levels from the PPC version:



Well thats good to know, but I still need a level converter for the Old dungeon gotto. It works fine on Intel by the way.


Send us the levels in a zip and we can try converting them.


Will do. I can get it to you tonight around 8:30.


Didn’t have enough time to get all of the levels. I can hopefully get them in the next reply by this weekend/next monday.