Dungeon Gotto 1.1.1


My first mod for frogotto ;D. I call it Dungeon Gotto. I added new rooms to the title screen added a second adventure and made a multiplayer lobby room!
This is my first mod so don’t expect perfection.
Link for the download=http://www.mediafire.com/?z0t6sgyd2rfbk0w
Hope for some feed back!
It may take awhile but when Frogatto 1.3 comes out I’ll bring Dungeon Gotto With it.

Dungeon Gotto 1.2.1 is its own version of Frogatto. It is a standalone application.

1.1.1 download link=http://www.mediafire.com/?z0t6sgyd2rfbk0w

1.2.1 download link=http://www.mediafire.com/?kfc3n2ci61c8te0


Whoa… Nice! :o

Some great news - Krista and Dave are working on a mod system, so in the future, you’ll be able to upload mods to an official “frogatto server” so other people can download them from right inside the game.

Actually, we might want to get in touch with you, because you’d be the perfect kind of person to test this out with.


Thank you. I’m still working on the burning abyss and the boring basement. I also haven’t finished the village. More coming soon!
Also if you could add to the editor so you can interact with npcs and so that signs can have writing on them that would be great!
The editor doesn’t seem to like the core content getting written over I get large amounts of lag now. :frowning:


Dungeon Gotto 1.2.1 IS DONE!

Mainly GUI and title changes, added the burning abyss, added the boring basement. Some things need to be removed how ever. I was messing around on the final battle and added a bunch of health capsules. I will remove them in the next update!
Download link=http://www.mediafire.com/?kfc3n2ci61c8te0


Very inventive. Examples 6 and 7 are my favorites. I love running water. And when it’s integrated in a way that isn’t ‘logical’ somehow it makes sense to me.


Gotta experiment. Gotta have fun. The worlds are for us to make, to explore, to ravage and pillage, to make sense of to our heart’s content… but in the end it’s really nice that we have a chance to see each other’s worlds to give fodder to our own interpretations. I really wouldn’t have considered making a stage in the way that you did. But it will add things to the way I make my own world. That’s really sweet!


Added. 8)


Thanks. I will be working on 1.3.1! I’ll add a story line to each area!


;D A little preview of a house in the village.


Wow, this looks great! :o

I’m working on a ‘module system’ that would allow people to easily download and run your mod – I’m hoping we can feature your mod when it launches!


Almost done with 1.3.1! I will post it next Saturday. School just started so I can’t work on the mod much.

[font=georgia][size=36pt][size=18pt]1.3.1 COMING SOON…[/size][/size][/font]


Sounds good for me :slight_smile: 'cause it seems a little buggy on “zindoz$ system” to launch modules.


I will be remaking the mod for the DEVBUILD of Frogtto. (Will take some time)


If you’ve got any questions, ask us. :smiley:


Yeah, I strongly, strongly encourage you to chat with us, on IRC - we’d love to give advice. We really want to get a mod-making community going, and you could be a founding member. Our two irc details are the network “irc.freenode.net”, and the room-name “#frogatto”.

Anyways, to make it into a mod, the easiest way to do it is put everything you make in the modules folder, in a folder with the mod’s name on it. Say, “dungeon_gotto”. There should be a file in the base frogatto folder named “master-config.cfg” - if you change the --module=frogatto in it to --module=dungeon_gotto, then it should launch your module when you double-click the game, instead of launching frogatto itself. This way you don’t have to break frogatto itself to make your mod.


I’ll be working on converting it to a “Module” Its all very new to me and I still really don’t get it. But hopefully I will get it up and working. (Currently working on another alternate mod right now)


I think I understand the “Module” thingy. I think I can get it to work!


After adding all of the levels GUI and other stuff for Dungeon Gotto. I launched it with --module=dungeon_gotto
It opened for a second on the hotbar but then disappeared. The Vanilla version works just fine… D:
I suspect it is because I am porting an older level format to the new Frogatto.
I think I found the problem. Frogatto could not find the path to the “title_screen.cfg” and the other levels. They were in the wrong folder.
However after adding the files in the correct area in dungeon_gotto, It still failed to launch. I have changed the master_config.cfg file from --module=frogatto to --module=dungeon_gotto yet it still fails to launch. I switched it back to --module=frogatto and it launched correctly. I still do not know what is wrong. Need Help! NOTE: I was adding the module on an INTEL mac not my PPC G4 laptop. That might be a factor in the problem.

P.S. I will make a level on the INTEL mac and launch it as a module and see if that works.


Made the test module. It launched correctly! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It is just an ALT title screen. I will have to rebuild all of my dungeon gotto levels because they do not seem compatible with the newest DEVBUILDS. So thats to bad D: . But at least I got a module working and understand them now!


Hey Jetrel about the IRC I don’t know what Clients to use for it. IF you could give me a link to one that would be great.