Difficulty level tweaks


So, now that we’re adding a difficulty level selection to frogatto, here’s some ways in which we’ll adapt the normal Frogatto Experience ™ to decrease or increase the challenge.
As of now, Jetrel has already removed the aggressive red flying hornbugs from the levels if the game’s difficulty is at the lowest level (“Casual”), and I’ve just made the black squirrels aim their shots at the player on the highest level (“Unfair”). So, here’s some plans, feel free to suggest more:


[ul][li]Should we make the red squirrels aim at Frogatto as well? They’re kinda tricky to deal with already, but it’d make sense, at least for consistency(We’ve decided on giving them aiming abilities, like the black ones)[/li]
[li]Adding some variation to the fumpers’ jumping height/distance, to try and confuse the player[/li]
[li]Generally we won’t be increasing every enemy’s hitpoints, but that’d make sense for some enemies that look hardier than most, like the armored beetle, the killer bunny and the milgram-pod spawner; maybe the kitties as well, with two jumps they’re a bit too quick to be dealt with in my opinion[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Also make the squirrels aim at frogatto, but reduce their rate of fire[/li]


[ul][li]Milgram blocks probably shouldn’t do their aggressive drops from cliffs[/li]