Dialog width checking script


About 40, but that depends on the characters.
I’ve committed a script that tells you when a line has gone over 350 pixels in width (700 if it’s scaled up 2x), as anything over that starts to get too close to the borders.
Right now I don’t have a good solution for stuff like “{consts_name}” in the messages; the script will think you’re trying to write all that, instead of the actual variable; I’d be unable to know what it is anyway.
Another thing to note is that it won’t work on the Russian translation, as well, since we don’t have the font characters for it yet.
To run the script, go to the top folder of your frogatto working copy of svn, then do:
python utils/text_width_check.py po/(your file).po
If you run it on a po file, it’ll check the translations that are over the dialog box width; if you run it on the frogatto.pot file, then it’ll check the message definitions themselves.

As an example, the output I get from running it on fr.po includes this one:

444 pixels:
#: data/level/to-nenes-house.cfg:1934
msgid “”
“If I actually manage to save you,\n”
“be prepared to pay ANY reward I ask.“
msgstr “”
“Si j’arrive ? vous sauver, soyez pr?ts\n”
” ? payer QUELQUE SOIT la r?compense demand?e.”

Which means that there’s a line in that message that goes way over the limit (screen width is 400, ideal width is 350, at most). The script doesn’t tell which one, and that’s something I may fix later, but it’ll often be kinda obvious.
I’m not really sure if it will work on Windows (maybe not even on Mac?), so if you test it, please post here.


Awesome, thanks.