Development Tools


As a matter of curiosity, what software tools are the Frogatto developers and artists using? I’m talking about IDEs, music software, image editors, etc.


This is what I use for programming:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • bash – with heavy use of grep and other standard Linux tools
  • gvim for editing code
  • gdb for debugging
  • gcc for compiling
  • gimp anytime I have to edit images (which isn’t that often).


I tried Emacs a while ago and I’ve been casually using it since then. I was going to try Vim as well to give them each a chance, but I guess I forgot or something…
I’ve been using Vim for the last couple days and I like it a lot better. It just feels a lot more natural (to me).
I’m not a very experienced programmer, but it wouldn’t hurt to start learning how to use a debugger so I guess I’ll try gdb as well.
Thanks for the reply.


This is what I use for programming and art:

  • OS 10.5 on my PPC, and OS 10.8 on my Intel MacBook
  • bash – with heavy use of standard Linux tools. I really don’t use grep much because textwrangler can also search multiple files with regex, and it tends to give a better indication of what’s been found/modified.
  • TextWrangler or TextMate for editing script files
  • XCode for compiling, debugging, and editing source files (internally this is driven by gcc/gdb on OS 10.5, and by llvm/lldb on OS 10.8)
  • Photoshop for drawing and animation. I use ImageReady if I need to crack open animated GIFs to convert them to photoshop animations, and I’ve been dabbling in the use of Pixen for animation, although it has some color-profile issues that need to get fixed if I’m going to use it seriously. I also sometimes use GraphicConverter for image format management. I never use gimp - it’s obvious that the guys who wrote it aren’t eating their own dogfood, and it’s terrible, UI-wise, as an image editor. Photoshop really is far and away my mainstay; it has a raft of its own problems, but it does do a number of crucial things well.