Agameofscones Presents:

[size=14pt]Welcome to Desolation, an experimental horror game.
Lose yourself in a broken reality that holds a cruel truth.

[size=14pt]Desolation includes:
Upside down props
Lighting effects
Custom backgrounds
Custom Palettes
Custom Sound
Easter Eggs

This is the final version.
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How do I switch this on?


On windows xp, I went into the frogatto shortcut in my start menu and changed the target field to: "C:\Program Files\Frogatto\Frogatto.exe" --module=Desolation


DDR, Question where are the modules stored in the GIT in the master branch, I can’t seem to find it.

#5 This is where the git modules are, in the master branch of Anura. This is the organization that owns the Frogatto module, which does not come with Anura by default because Anura is just an engine.

I hope that helps, I’m not entirely sure if it does.


I’m on Windows 7, so I added the switch:

And I get a silent exit. Same thing if I start it from the scommand line.

Is there any way I can get you an error output?


It ought to put error output into stderr.txt or stdout.txt, something like that. With luck.


Nothing in Program Files (x86) or %Appdata%, sorry.