DDR's SFX dump


I have decided to make some sound effects for Frogatto.

creaks and snaps.ogg (73.9 KB)


I can’t find my standard bag of tricks… and I’m not very good at this.

sfx1.zip (256.0 KB)


It’s not easy being a foley man! That being said I am not sure what these effects could be used for yet. It sounds like card shuffling but if we were to have animations for this the sound effect would have to be much quicker… But thanks for the effort


Yeah… just talking with Jetrel about it now. :’(


OK! New sounds. Some footfalls (hopefully), and because it was within arm’s reach, some watery effects.

water blob.zip (178.8 KB)


From what I’ve heard so far, these are right on. Very subtle but still there. Just what was needed. I’ll check the rest of the batch tomorrow


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Here is a sample of the 40-odd minutes of wind I was able to record this morning. Please note that the little clicks you hear are not in the original recording, but are seemingly an artefact of Audacity loading from .ogg. :frowning:

long wind 2 sample.ogg (228.5 KB)


:o It’s been a busy last few days. I’ve finally collected a good enough bank of free sounds that I’m committing at this point to having pervasive ambient sounds. This is actually less invasive than I thought, fortunately - we really won’t have to do any alterations to the music (whew!) because the engine itself can quiet the songs down as appropriate. A few sfx need to be nerfed to be softer, but frankly I’ve been of a mind these have needed that treatment anyways; the only remaining big ones are the item-get sound, and the kill-enemy sound.

After finally processing/committing the last few months worth of free-sound-site dredging, I’ve committed ambient sounds for seaside, forest, and house-interior backgrounds. Really the only loops I need to get now are decent basement loops, and cave loops (which for now both of which can variously double as dungeon loops), and we’re good to go.

Once Dave and I have the last few engine features (to manage music volume) in place, I’ll send ryan a copy to see.