Cube Trains - The 3D Train Puzzle Mod


In Cube Trains, you build track through a city in 3D. It’s a puzzle game. Here’s a screenshot:

To run this from the most recent Git edition of Frogatto, run the game with the --module=cube_trains arg.
The live source code of Cube Trains is available in the frogatto repo. The github repo by the name Cube Trains is merely a convenient way to house releases.


DDR, I played through the game standalone for mac and it is a wonderful game! I had to quit the app and re-open it though in order to play the 3 “Yenna Key”, “Gas-Lamp” and “Wuthering Heights” as the game stops working after you finish any of them. I also, could not advance further from those 3. But I suppose all of that is because it was meant as a demo.
Well, it is a very simple and interesting idea and, though I suppose I saw only the beginning of it, I can tell you that it is a wonderful game, congrats! :D.


Damn this looks cool


InquirerK: There is actually a bug in the maps loading system which will be fixed in the next release. The first release had a bug where it bailed after the third level due to a misplaced apostrophe, so maybe the next release will let you play all the levels. :frowning:

RyanReilly: Thanks! I was hoping to talk you into making some music for it, since it’s dead silent at the moment.