Cube Trains Sfx


Okay, here are some potential sound effects for laying tracks. Note that this happens once every five seconds so I don’t recommend using anything too heavy for it (i.e., anything that actually sounds like a several-ton steel beam hitting concrete).

Takes 1-5 are lighter, 6-10 are heavier. 9 is probably my favorite.

Laying-Track1.wav (28.6 KB)

Laying-Track2.wav (13.1 KB)

Laying-Track3.wav (13.6 KB)

Laying-Track4.wav (12.1 KB)

Laying-Track5.wav (13.1 KB)

Laying-Track6.wav (11.1 KB)

Laying-Track7.wav (12.6 KB)

Laying-Track8.wav (13.1 KB)

Laying-Track9.wav (14.6 KB)

Laying-Track10.wav (12.1 KB)


All right, here’s a much heavier track-laying sound.

Laying-Track-Pitch.wav (245.4 KB)



Laying-Track-Less-Noise.wav (57.0 KB)



Laying-Track-Reverb.wav (75.9 KB)


Trying again for stylized track-laying sounds.

Track-Clink1.wav (21.6 KB)

Track-Clink2.wav (18.6 KB)

Track-Clink3.wav (17.4 KB)

Track-Clink4.wav (19.6 KB)


I like this. Added.


Train running.


Nice. I’ll add in the logic to fade it in/out tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Some sounds for shifting the elevation up and down.

Whoosh-Elevation-Down1.wav (74.1 KB)

Whoosh-Elevation-Up1.wav (66.1 KB)