Crashing on creating 'new level'


Since my kids (and I offcourse) are very enthusiastic about Frogatto, it became time to build our own levels! But the whole program crashes quits after entering a name for a new level to create. Does this ring a bell to someone?

I installed Frogatto on two machines: Ubuntu 15.04 and 14.04.

Hope to hear soon :slight_smile:


To be certain - is this on a new copy of anura, built from source, with a new copy of frogatto? I need to put this in this subforum’s header, I think, so future posters are warned of this. :neutral_face:

Anura is our engine, available here:

Frogatto’s most recent source is available here, and goes in the modules folder of Anura:


Thanks for the quick reply! I just installed Frogatto from the Ubuntu repositories, not knowing anything about Anura. Yes, I’m a newbie to Frogatto’s reality… but I’ll learn :slight_smile: