Crashes on --module [Windows XP]


I’m running the most recent Windows development build (20120807), on XP, with OpenGL 1.1.0.

I followed the first “developing games…” tutorial, and added the line “min_engine_version: 1.2” to module.cfg after an initial error related to this. On attempting to load the profile from the command line, I am confronted by an error: “ASSERTION FAILED: FILE NOT FOUND: titlescreen.cfg”. Attached is a picture of the cmd log (no other log file is being generated, afaik).

I have tried copying titlescreen.cfg (and titlescreen.png) to the relevant folders within modules/elisa, but no luck. Can anyone help?


It’s a little hard to tell exactly what’s going on from the screen shot. There’s some stuff in the log at the top that’s also helpful in diagnosing these things.

This should be the command line to run the elisa module.

frogatto --module=elisa --level elisa.cfg

I’m not quite sure why you’re running with --profile (unless your trying to profile the FFL).


D’oh, sorry, I meant --module. Thanks for the reply.

Attached is the top half of the log resulting from frogatto --module=elisa --level elisa.cfg .

Having done some more tests, it seems that the game only searches for files contained within the specified module’s folder. I could try copying each file that gives a loading error, one-by-one into the elisa module folder, to try and load the titlescreen level, but this is hardly ideal. Any further advice?