Crash in Nene's basement


With frogatto 1.1.1-4~ubuntugames on Ubuntu 11.10, I get a very reproducible bug. Immediately after opening the chest in Nene’s basement, just as the health capsule is falling down, the program crashes. I get the following message “/usr/bin/frogatto: line 8: 2082 Floating point exception./frogatto”. I’ve tried getting as few coins and as many as possible before I get attempt to get the powerup. Can anyone reproduce this?


This also is reproducible at another point: winning the ambush on the stonepipe bridge. gdb shows that the a SIGFPE is received in Mix_FadeInMusicPos from /usr/lib/; I get the same with sound and music turned off. The stack trace is:
#0 0xb7d0f3a4 in Mix_FadeInMusicPos () from /usr/lib/
#1 0xb7d0f4c1 in Mix_PlayMusic () from /usr/lib/
#2 0x0825c0e4 in sound::play_music_interrupt (file=…) at src/sound.cpp:606
#3 0x0808bf69 in custom_object::execute_command (this=0x8c8b2b0, var=…)
at src/custom_object.cpp:2795
#4 0x0808bfb1 in custom_object::execute_command (this=0x8c8b2b0, var=…)
at src/custom_object.cpp:2786
#5 0x0808bfb1 in custom_object::execute_command (this=0x8c8b2b0, var=…)
at src/custom_object.cpp:2786
#6 0x0808cccb in custom_object::handle_event (this=0x8c8b2b0, event=18,
context=0x0) at src/custom_object.cpp:2767
#7 0x08092a0c in custom_object::process (this=0x8c8b2b0, lvl=…)
at src/custom_object.cpp:1325
#8 0x081a320a in level::do_processing (this=0x8be8d68) at src/level.cpp:2063
#9 0x081a34d2 in level::process (this=0x8be8d68) at src/level.cpp:1967
#10 0x081f09f5 in level_runner::play_cycle (this=0xbfffe4ac)
at src/level_runner.cpp:656
#11 0x081f2778 in level_runner::play_level (this=0xbfffe4ac)
at src/level_runner.cpp:274
#12 0x081fd876 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfffec44) at src/main.cpp:499


Both of those points are a use of our “music()” functions in FFL.

:frowning: Sounds to me like something’s awry with your copy of SDL_Audio - we’ve never had a problem with this.