Could not find file for object 'simple_playable'


I’m still quite new to the Anura engine…but I’m having a fun time learning it! In another thread (which I think actually should have gone in this section), I got a bit of help finding the problem to another one of my problems, and worked around the problem I had by copying the Frogatto module and renaming it, and then tinkering with the copy.

Now I’ve put that module aside, and am trying to make a more proper module. Last time, I tried manually creating the module (By making directories and making module.cfg, as the tutorial said to do.), but that had several problems. Now I tried making the module via the Frogatto editor, which has worked quite a bit better. When I tried the run the module, though, I got this:

I am using Windows XP. My module has Frogatto marked as a dependency. (But this is temporary.)


Hey there,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. There are one or two problems with the GUI for creating modules that we have to iron out.

Can you possibly post a zip file which contains your module? I’ll get it working and let you know what you need to do to fix it.



I made two archives, but their contents are exactly the same. Just use whichever one you prefer. :stuck_out_tongue: (Actually, it was easier for me to make the .tar.gz file than it was to make the .zip! …I guess Cygwin FTW?)

I did place the very beginnings of one of my sprite sheets in there…but other than that, the mod is empty.


A tarball is perfect for me. :slight_smile:

Okay so the problem is that in your elemedals/data/level/titlescreen.cfg file there is a character with this type:

		"type": "simple_playable",

While there is no such object as a “simple_playable” (It is in fact a prototype for other object types). I realize this code was generated by Anura itself, and we will fix it up.

In the meantime you can just replace simple_playable with frogatto_playable (an example of a legal type of object).

This will give you a working module with a simple/basic level with Frogatto in it (falling off the screen and dying over and over since there is no ground to hold him up).

Then you can work to defining your own object type and making that the playable object and go from there.

We want to help you get going with your game, so please don’t hesitate to ask more questions here or in IRC (I noticed you come in today to ask but I was about to answer just when you left. :slight_smile: – I’m Sirp on IRC).

I will try to monitor this thread so if you ask more questions here I’ll try to answer quickly. Feel free to post more tarballs of your module (or make a github repo of your module and we’ll sync it, that’d be even better) to get help quickly.



Awesome, thank you so much! It’s working now! :smiley:

I’ve been on the IRC a few times already. I won’t be afraid to ask questions at a later time. For now, I’ll just say that I’ve already fallen in love with this engine. For the past year or so, I’ve been hunting for a decent engine to create my fangame on. (And I don’t want it to be a cruddy fangame, like the kind you see made with flash.) I love how fluid Anura is, even if there are some road bumps right now.

Also, as a C and J programmer, I find the FML to be very easy to get used to. I can’t wait to see what future updates will bring to it.


No problem, looking forward to working with you to get your game working!