Compiling trouble


It was a while ago since I last played Frogatto, back when it was free.

Anyway, I’ve decided to try compiling the latest version of Anura because I have a fan project I’m planning to start for a certain game. (I’m still looking for a good engine.) From what I remember, this engine seems pretty good, and it’s certainly gotten better.

I went and grabbed the current version of Anura and then got all the dependencies via Debian’s Synaptic Package Manager. After a small shenanigan involving g++'s name, I got the compilation started via ‘make’. When I come back to it, it had output a few errors. I put all the output to a text file and attached it because it would clog up the post if I just pasted it here.

So…I’m not sure if this would be a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. I’ll say the latter because it’s not too likely that someone would upload a version which doesn’t compile. Any advice?

error.txt (4.4 KB)


What version of gcc do you have? (find out by running g++ --version)


It gave me (Debian 4.4.7-2) 4.4.7

Actually…I wonder if the Debian g++ is the culprit. I didn’t bother with the vanilla g++, and instead did a symbolic link. I’ll try that.

EDIT: It’s gotten farther. Thanks! I wouldn’t have thought of checking that…

I’ve hit another problem, saying this:

src/border_widget.cpp:62:53: error: ?const SDL_Color? has no member named ?a?

I’m not sure what I’ve missed. I am curious to know…what’s the plain ‘libsdl’ in the INSTALL file? I can’t find any packages with that name, so what would I get? Is this something I would just download from the SDL site?


That change was recently added to SDL2. So you either need to build SDL2 from there mercurial or grab it from somewhere such as
You need SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer and SDL2_ttf.


After running make LDFLAGS=/usr/include/boost/*, it gives me a bunch of boost related errors. (Without LDFLAGS, it doesn’t even find boost at all beyond the line which says Linking : game.) For example…

/usr/include/boost/exception.hpp:9:2: error: #error The header <boost/exception.hpp> has been deprecated. Please #include <boost/exception/all.hpp> instead.
/usr/include/boost/integer.hpp:33:13: error: #pragma system_header ignored outside include file [-Werror]
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
/usr/include/boost/integer_traits.hpp:39:13: error: #pragma system_header ignored outside include file [-Werror]
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
In file included from /usr/include/boost/mpi/allocator.hpp:15:0,
from /usr/include/boost/mpi.hpp:22:
/usr/include/boost/mpi/config.hpp:20:17: fatal error: mpi.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
(And so on and so forth)

I’m assuming that I have the wrong version of Boost. I have the current version from the Debian server, 1.49. The INSTALL file calls for 1.35. If it needs to be exact, I’ll go ahead and compile it, but I’d sorta rather not…

Either way, I can’t do it right now. I have to do something. Any advice?


Minimum boost version is 1.50 currently. I’ll punish the people responsible for not updating documentation soon.


I’m building the newest boost now. Will post again if something else comes up. Thanks! :slight_smile: