Hello everybody,

My name is Jonathan and my best friend and I are working on a game based on the Frogatto Engine. I have been trying to wrap my head around game mechanics and been able to accomplish pretty much everything that was on our checklist.

One of the few things missing is the main character’s ability to climb. I was wondering if this is even possible to accomplish with the engine since Frogatto does not naturally climb and tiles are either solid, or passthrough ? as far as I know no climbable tiles exist. How would you go about implementing a climbing mechanism? I am open to all suggestions.

And thank you for providing us with this wonderful easy-to-learn game-dev environment!



Hi, Jonathan. To make climbable things, you’ll need two things.

  1. A climbing behaviour in Frogatto. This would probably work something like swimming.
  2. A trigger for the behaviour. There are a few ways to do this I can think of, each of varying goodness.
    The first way has you making an object, which then triggers Frogatto’s climbing behaviour when he’s near enough to it. This could probably be made fairly easily with a level_controller.
    The second way has you making the same object, but now with an area ‘climbable’ which would collide with frogatto’s climbable area you’d give him. When the areas collide, trigger the climbing behaviour.
    In the latest git version, from, you can query what tiles are at any given x/y point in a level. If we’re over the climbable tile, we can climb.

bbl, going out, visit us on IRC :slight_smile: