Clarification of the source text


Since I suck at playing and have no idea when I will reach the levels, I will ask for clarification of source strings in this thread. Here’s the first two:

String ID: We're twins. Occurrences: ../data/level/crevice-village-house-2.cfg:1364

Are the characters male or female?

String ID: The elder's house is off to the east, past the town gate. Occurrences: ../data/level/crevice-village-house-2.cfg:1392

Is the elder male or female?


String ID: We’re twins.
Occurrences: …/data/level/crevice-village-house-2.cfg:1364

Both are male kids, perhaps pre-teen aged.

The village elder is male, too.
In fact, counting the characters in game… only Nene is female.



It would be great to have a short description of what the characters are like, so I can find appropriate names for them. It will also help with the tone for the translations. I am fine with Frogatto, his mother and Nene, since they appear early in the game. Milbrand has already been described, and I guess the elder is also obvious.

Specifically, I am stuck with finding an appropriate name for Hedge. What is Chopple like, does he really deal in stolen goods, or is his name just a joke for joke’s sake?


Wait, mom? If that’s the person that lives in Frogatto’s house, that’s his roommate, Pato. Whose name seems derived from “potato”.

Hedge hasn’t had his personality described in detail… anyway, not every character has to have a meaningful name.

And yeah, Chopple doesn’t seem like the guy to break the law like that, so it’s just a joke.


I’d say Diorre is female, too. (Really, most of the characters are pretty androgynous-looking.)