Changing Resolution


I searched and couldn’t find an answer… Just that, I want to play frogatto on a 1024*600 netbook under Ubuntu Natty… when I open the game it opens in a window and part of the bottom is cut… is there any way I can change the resolution to fit my screen properly? The preferences file doesn’t give me that option

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


There are command line options to do that… I forget exactly what they are right now, but you may have to set 2 for each axis to make it not stretch. Or you could just enter full screen; the default is 800x600 after all. You can probably find the options with --help.


–fullscreen does work well for me.


How do I do that exactly? I run the terminal and write “frogatto --fullscreen”?? cause that’s not working :-\


Well pressing ctrl+f while it’s running should work as well.


That’s more like it!! ;D Thanks!!