British English


Hello, I’ve just requested the British English translation on Transifex.

Whereas it isn’t really a translation, many people over here, particularly people who use computers less, find American spelling irritating. Also, the English in Frogatto being much more informal, and the differences in English across the ‘pond’ being much more marked in informal English, I thought it would be nice to have a version in British English.

‘Professor Max’


I was a bit unsure about the necessity of a british version, but then I read this and approved it on transifex.
Then again, along with managing the translation teams I also work on the Brazilian Portuguese translation, and I’m sure the people from Portugal would find it a bit awkward (perhaps slightly more so than en_US vs. en_GB), so sure, go ahead. :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

As many strings will not need to be changes, should I copy them into the British English version, or leave them so that the US default will be used? If I don’t copy them over, the translation might not show up as finished on the stats; but it would increase the download size.

‘Professor Max’


I don’t think the download size will be an issue; the stats being correct is more important. Otherwise YOU’LL have no idea how far done you are either. Particularly when updates happen.


Okay, ‘will do’.

‘Professor Max’

EDIT: Thanks for being 'Jr Member’ed :slight_smile:


Okay, 97% done.

Please could this not be bundled yet. I need to go through it all and check everything.

‘Professor Max’


Gee, I should’ve had responded to this long ago, but anyway, as you can see, we haven’t released 1.2 yet for computers, so feel free to work on the last touches for the translation.