Bookcase contents


There are 37 bookcases in the game that Frogatto can interact with.
What tomes of knowledge do they hold? It is a mystery.




It could be “useless facts” about the island just for fun :slight_smile:


And… wait, what’s this? A user manual?

"Thank you for buying your new False-Front? Bookcase! Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Repair and Maintenance 3) Installing Fake Spines 4) Glossary

… I wondered why everyone had a copy of “Atlas Shrugged”. It’s all just a sham!


Ooh! If only the sword kitty were patient enough to read.


Hah, this is actually something I’ve been thinking about. In some cases (I’ll let the pun slide), it’d be a nice chance for a spot of extra character development. If we go through with this, we might even want to add cases to the homes of certain NPC’s that don’t have them.

The Elder should have a lot of motivational books that teach him how to make friends and be successful.
Mortimer should have some interesting research papers on bizarre exotic animals, perhaps even foreshadowing a monster that Frogatto will fight much later in the game.
Nene should have a handbook for a brutal death-dealing martial art right next to a book of cake recipes.


I wonder if we can get away with putting “How to Trim Your Beaver” in Cubeaver’s house.


Probably not… but only because for him it’d probably be called “How to trim yourself.”